You know you’re Portuguese when…

I’m Portuguese and I’m proud of my heritage! We all know the quirky, funny things we do that make us Portuguese. Let’s list them! Continue reading »


How to remove garlic or onion smell from hands

We all love the taste of garlic and onions in our food. Unfortunately, when cooking with these ingredients they leave behind a strong smell on our hands. Here’s an easy way to remove that smell! Continue reading »


100 Greatest Cooking Tips

Food Network asked top chefs from across the country for their best advice. The result was 100 of the greatest cooking tips! Enjoy!


The Ultimate Shelf Life Guide

Questioning whether or not the food you have is still good? Don’t want to find the hard way after eating it? That’s where Still Tasty comes in to help. Give it a try!


Prevent moldy berries with vinegar

Berries are delicious but very delicate. Because of that, they tend to grow mold on them rather quickly. If you’re finding yourself rushing to eat recently purchased berries, here’s a tip to keep them mold free much longer! Continue reading »


Is anything we eat healthy?

I’m really getting disgusted with all the things I read and see about the foods we eat. It’s unfortunate that companies out there care more about their bottom line than the health of their consumers. Times are a changing though and it seems we consumers are getting smarter and beginning to pay more attention to the ingredients in the things we eat. Continue reading »

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