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Share recipes on Pinterest!

You may have noticed the various options available to you for sharing recipes on Facebook, Twitter, and more. With Pinterest becoming so popular, the option to pin a recipe of ours is now available! The Pin It button will only display if a recipe has a photo available. Wouldn’t make sense otherwise! Start pinning!

Thumbnails added to RSS Feed

Thumbnails added to RSS Feed

I forgot to include code to display thumbnails in the RSS Feed. The code has now been added and the RSS Feed is now displaying thumbnails if available. Much better!

Recipe thumbnails added to Facebook comments

Recipe thumbnails added to Facebook comments

I was noticing that when commenting on recipes, Facebook would randomly select an image from the page when displaying it in the Facebook feed. I updated it so that if a thumbnail exists for the recipe, use it. If a thumbnail doesn’t exist, use a default image instead. Much better!

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