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The secret seasoning for Carne de Espeto!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been eating Carne de Espeto (Portuguese meat cooked on skewers) at Portuguese feasts, Portuguese social clubs, Portuguese restaurants, and of course at home. It’s just so good! Anyone that has ever tried it all say the same thing. They also ask how to make the “secret” seasoning. Well it’s simpler than you might think. Want to learn the secret? Read on! Continue reading »


How to remove garlic or onion smell from hands

We all love the taste of garlic and onions in our food. Unfortunately, when cooking with these ingredients they leave behind a strong smell on our hands. Here’s an easy way to remove that smell! Continue reading »


100 Greatest Cooking Tips

Food Network asked top chefs from across the country for their best advice. The result was 100 of the greatest cooking tips! Enjoy!


Prevent moldy berries with vinegar

Berries are delicious but very delicate. Because of that, they tend to grow mold on them rather quickly. If you’re finding yourself rushing to eat recently purchased berries, here’s a tip to keep them mold free much longer! Continue reading »


What do you do with overripe bananas?

Do you avoid those brown spots on bananas like the bubonic plague? I know I do! I like bananas when they are nice and yellow and not too mushy. But did you know that those overripe bananas can still be used? Continue reading »

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