Trees on fire!

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Is there anything more revolting to a child than vegetables? It was tough enough to get me to eat after seeing chickens hanging from the door handles. Vegetables aren’t sweet like candy, they don’t smell like chocolate, and they don’t taste like ice cream.¬†Why would a child want to eat vegetables?

Here’s a tip. Introduce something they do like on top of the vegetables. For example, in my case, ketchup! I loved ketchup, especially with french fries. So when it came the time to eat broccoli, ketchup was added. We liked to call them trees on fire!

If you can make food fun and tasty while still keeping it healthy, it’s a win win for both you and your children. I am able to eat broccoli without ketchup these days, but to be honest, I won’t eat that much of it. I prefer my trees on fire!

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