Mouth Full


Is anything we eat healthy?

I’m really getting disgusted with all the things I read and see about the foods we eat. It’s unfortunate that companies out there care more about their bottom line than the health of their consumers. Times are a changing though and it seems we consumers are getting smarter and beginning to pay more attention to the ingredients in the things we eat. Continue reading »


Trees on fire!

Is there anything more revolting to a child than vegetables? It was tough enough to get me to eat after seeing chickens hanging from the door handles. Vegetables aren’t sweet like candy, they don’t smell like chocolate, and they don’t taste like ice cream. Why would a child want to eat vegetables? Continue reading »


What’s that smell?

Who doesn’t love walking into someone’s house and immediately catching a taste of what’s cooking or baking in the air? The kind of smells that make your mouth water and your stomach growl, wishing and waiting for the chance to take a bite. Yeah sorry, I’m not talking about those! Continue reading »


Chickens hanging from the door handles?!

I know this website’s background stems from the amazing food that we all grew up with. However, that doesn’t mean that we liked everything that we grew up with! I was always told  “eat more, you’re too skinny, eat more.” Well, now that I think about it, maybe I didn’t eat that much because I was afraid to! Why? Read on! Continue reading »

A tribute to my Vovos

A tribute to my Vovos

How I miss the days where I would be kicking the soccer ball around my Vovó’s house (that’s Portuguese for grandmother).  The house was surrounded by flowers. Place an obstacle in front of a young child practicing his soccer skills and he’ll use it to his advantage you know what I mean. Those flowers were definitely eyeing my soccer ball and I wasn’t about to let them have it.  Sometimes the ref wouldn’t see the foul, and sometimes she would! Oops! “Chawshee!” she’d scream. She didn’t know how to pronounce my name very well, but my cousins still pronounce it like that to this day! Continue reading »

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